. . . Embraces Engagement Of Facility Managers

In a bid to promote the wellbeing of residents of government-owned housing estates, the Lagos State Government is set to fully implement the policy of engagement of facility managers for the maintenance of its estates.

Speaking today at a meeting with the representatives of government-owned housing estates, the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Housing, Mr. Wasiu Akewusola said Lagos State Government is committed to promoting a conducive, decent and healthy environment in the estates, hence the policy of appointment of facility managers will be fully implemented by the State”.

Akewusola, represented at the meeting by Mrs Olayinka Patun-Ola Ajayi, the Director of Estates in the Ministry, disclosed that the facility managers will undertake arrangements for security personnel, refuse disposal, street lighting and cleaning, sanitation of jointly-owned facilities and regular liaison with the government on the state of the facilities.

Facility management is critical in ensuring that the infrastructural facilities in the estates work perfectly and constantly and that information required for prompt intervention is promptly received by the government”, he added.

The Permanent Secretary explained that the engagement of facility managers does not erode the powers of the executives of the residents' associations but rather complement their efforts in promoting the interests of their members.

According to him, Level agreements based on the services to be provided will be prepared bythe representatives of the housing estates. We will ensure that the facility managers to be engaged are competent and experienced in taking care of facilities which will reduce the problem of

maintenance in the estates”.This policy which was laid down several years ago was initiated to curb the culture of neglect of common facilities and reduce the rate of depreciation of many of the government-owned housing estates”, he asserted.

In unison, the representatives of the housing estates requested for a fair consideration of their rights and privileges in the eventual choice of facility managers, pledging to support the State in ensuring that the government-owned estates are functional and habitable.

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